Multidisciplinary Symposium on Reinforcement Learning

A meeting to celebrate and exchange information among the many fields of reinforcement learning

June 18-19, 2009

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In the last 25 years, reinforcement learning research has made great strides and has had a significant impact within several fields, including

  • artificial intelligence
  • optimal control
  • neuroscience
  • psychology
  • economics
  • operations research

These are diverse areas, with different goals and different evaluation criteria. It is striking that reinforcement learning ideas are playing new roles in all of them.  The purposes of this meeting are 

  • to recognize and assess this confluence of fields
  • to celebrate the diversity of reinforcement learning research
  • to exchange information among the fields

MSRL consisted of a series of invited talks and an evening poster session. Participation in the poster session was based on extended abstracts.

MSRL was co-located with a cluster of other meetings, including the International Conference on Machine Learning, the Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, and the Conference on Learning Theory.