MSRL was co-located with ICML-09, COLT-09 and UAI-09 at McGill University.

On June 18th, the plenary session of MSRL took place in Rutherford 112. A map of the building location is here.

On June 18th, the evening poster session, including a buffet dinner, took place in the lobby of the Arts/Leacock buildings. A map of the location is here. The Arts building can be easily identified, as it is on top of the hill and has a flag on top.

On June 19th, the session was in the McConnell Engineering building, room 304. A map of the location is here.

Registration packages were available on June 18th at the registration desks in the Trottier and Rutherford buildings, between 8am and 6pm. On June 19th, registration packages could be picked up at the registration desk in the lobby of the McConnell engineering building.